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Studs on a Couch – Ruito x Yuki

Most of the Japanboyz videos we’ve seen start and end on the same bed. Tonight Ruito and tall handsome Yuki are mixing the formula up a bit by making out on a black leather couch, and getting so turned on they get down to the hot dirty stuff right there. And we’re here for it. Yuki wraps a big hand around Ruito’s should and pulls him closer. His other hand is clasped in his buddy’s. He moves down To Ruito’s nips, chewing playfully on one while he tweaks the other. From there it’s one deft move before Yuki works Ruito’s big cock out of his undies and takes the head into his mouth. Things are getting warmed up fast.

Ruito is the next to put the moves on. Yuki peels out of his designer briefs and pops his dick down Ruito’s hungry throat. Then both horndogs sprawl across the couch and swallow each other’s tools in a hot tight 69. Yuki opens up Ruito with a slick finger and drills in raw, just before Ruito climbs up to straddle him and ride his big hard woody. He rolls over and Yuki plows in from on top. It feels too good to hold back, and Yuki milks out a big splash that drips down his beating fist to his stubbly pubes. Tossing his head back with eyes closed dreamily, Ruito lets his load ooze down onto his nuts and splatter his long lean thighs. One more kiss and this hot pair fades out.

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