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After The Date – Ruito & Uzin

Handsome young Uzin has the shaggy, polite demeanor of an Asian college boy, and that may be what attracted established Japanboy Ruito. They’re out on a date strolling along the quiet nighttime streets of their Tokyo neighborhood. But as their attraction rises, it’s getting too hot to stay out in public and they need to head inside to get busy.

Their gentle kisses and body-rubbing hugs show how hot these two Japanese guys are for each other, and as they tumble into bed their undies come off. Ruito takes Uzin’s cock in hand and starts licking and sucking. His new buddy lies back, just lets Ruito take charge. But soon he’s the one slurping down Ruito’s stiff prick. Ruito’s hand travels down to cradle Uzin’s heavy nuts and stroke a finger along his smooth hairless crack. When Uzin rises up to hands and knees, Ruito slides his raw cock in deep. Uzin’s moans are all the encouragement he needs. Uzin climbs up to straddle Ruito and bear his hungry hole down onto Ruito’s raging stiffy. Then Ruito rocks him back and spread his legs wide open to drill his cock in, ready to blast at any moment. A sweet kiss sends Uzin over the top and he splatters a creamy wad over his lean tight belly. Ruito sits up and strokes, Uzin nibbling at his nips. He cums in a hot stream that oozes down his shaft to drench his hand and balls.

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