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Wet Hot Hiroya Summer – Tease and Torment Ryu

Though Hiroya has the perfect build and handsome face of a storybook prince, don’t be fooled! He has his playfully wicked side as well. Here in a dark and foreboding Tokyo sex playroom, he plays dungeon master to chained Ryu. But far from inflicting discomfort, Hiroya uses the available gear and sex toys to keep horny Ryu on the very edge of exploding with pleasure. First nipping and nibbling Ryu’s nipples and sucking his cock till it aches for release, he turns to a blue-liquid filled masturbator sleeve straight out of a mad scientist’s lab to maintain Ryu’s unbridled pleasure at its peak. Nobody would mind this exquisite torment, as long as they finally got to splatter with satisfaction in the end.

But Hiroya has his own pleasure in mind too. He frees Ryu from shackles, letting him kneel down to suck cock. Hiroya drills a wet finger into Ryu’s hot hungry hole, then follows up with his big stiff fucktool. Ryu’s moans get louder and faster–he’s barely able to hold back. Finally both participants in this dungeon of pleasure shoot their massive loads, let their aching nuts squirt out the sticky rewards of an edgy, passionate playtime.


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