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Rio’s Cuddly Hookup with Reach

Sometimes you think you know what you’re getting into. Muscleboy Rio thought he was in for a no-strings hookup with handsome studmuffin Reach, then they found themselves cuddling in bed holding hands. But they’re still horned-up and ready to rustle. Guys will be guys. Rio snuggles up close in easy sucking distance from Reach’s big thick love muscle, and whaddya know, it goes right into his mouth. Reach is just as turned on and buries his face between Rio’s thick muscular ass cheeks. Then his cock just slides in bareback, to some hearty moans from Rio.

Rio’s warm, welcoming hole is exactly where Reach wants to be, and their friendly screw heats up and gets more intense. Rio climbs on and rides that woody for dear life. He holds back as long as he can, but the load cums spurting out onto Reach’s tight trim abs. From there it’s just a few moments of in and outs till Reach’s creamy spooge joins the fun. Was it the casual hookup Rio was expecting? Well, it WAS just what these two horndogs needed.

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