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Peter Fever – Introducing Zed Sheng

Lean, mean Singaporean Zed Sheng, AKA “Toolboi”, is a muscular 135 pounds at 5’6″. The chain and padlock around his neck are the first hint he’s into some kinky fun. After coming to the US ten years ago to study, he learned some fetishy gay tricks along the way. Now married to fellow porn model Thiktool, Zed got his first taste of porn shoots assisting behind the camera.

Once he decided to step into the spotlight, his new name Toolboi was chosen to recognize that he’s his Daddy’s boy. His interest in bondage and kink dates back to a boyhood attraction to Hong Kong gangster films where the hero is tied up and captive. The sight of a harnessed stud bound up really gets him HOT! You can find out the whole story on Instagram, under his Toolboi moniker.

Also getting HOT is Toolboi’s glistening body and rock hard cock in a roasting sauna. His veiny dick drips with sweat and precum as he reaches down to finger his hungry hole. He wields a fleshy little dildo and slides it into his juicy ass. Resting all his weight onto the dildo, he sits on a towel and starts beating. He lies back and runs a curious hand across his nips and tight-muscled pecs. His tongue slides out as his load bubble up from his nuts. He yanks the dildo from his butt with a low groan and speeds up.

Fingering his ass, Zed moans to signal the cum’s about to explode out his big tool. Splattering across his thighs, it drips down his fist and he squeezes out the last pearly white drips. He reaches a finger to his mouth and licks off the sticky remains.

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