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Office Fuck Foursome – Gal x Reach

Asian office workers have a reputation for being bored and horny. Married executives use the rush hour traffic as an excuse to get some on the side at a love hotel or gay bathhouse. Here we have Japanboyz fan faves Reach and Gal leading two of their office buddies in a scorching fourway, slowly taking off button-down shirts, ties and dress pants to bang their balls into hot hungry holes.

Reach gets all the cock as the three workingmen surround him and feed him dick from both ends. Fans of guys in suits will pop their wads watching these four studs taking a clandestine break from their workaday drudgery to fuck, suck, rim and finger their comrades.

Splashes of juicy man juice fly and Reach ends up drenched from face to chest to hairy crack. These Japanese guys know how to make their break time FUN!

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