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Men’s RushTV – HBM-364 – YUKI

Super handsome! 19-year-old virgin boy YUKI is back! Moreover, this time he showed off SEX with a woman as much as possible to graduate from virginity! In the interview at the beginning of the video, YUKI is shy in front of the other woman.

When a woman hugs me, she shows a very cute expression that I don’t know what to do, and when I ask a woman to lead me and give me a kiss or a blow job, YUKI-kun’s dick gets a full erection! After playing foreplay with unfamiliar hands, it’s finally time to go to production! When I shake my hips while being awkward to insert raw in the back, I feel so comfortable that I ended up with vaginal cum shot w When I asked a woman to wash her body in the shower after playing, even though I just ejaculated First, YUKI-kun’s dick is fine again!

In a hurry, I decided to do the second round w The second time YUKI shook his hips in the missionary position. It looks like a smoother hip swing than before! At the end, a pure white sperm is fired into the abdomen of a woman! He seemed to be very satisfied with the second pleasure and graduation from virginity today!