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Men’s RushTV – HBM-363 – 21

The 21-year-old handsome young man (KIHAKU-kun) who challenged the entanglement with goggles man in the first appearance last time reappears! Please wait this time! We will deliver SEX with female college students. Please thoroughly enjoy the sexual circumstances of the 21-year-old handsome man!

KIHAKU arrived at the shooting site with a nervous look. After having a light chat, go to the shower alone! Thoroughly wash your body before playing. After the shower, it’s finally time to start playing! The tension peaks in front of the female college student who is the partner, but he does foreplay smoothly with kissing, fingering, and cunnilingus.

And finally to insert! Of course I will insert it raw! He shook his hips lightly in the full course of missionary position → face-to-face sitting position → back → missionary position! At the end, a large amount of fresh sperm is released! He ejaculated while showing a very pleasant expression! After playing, I listened to my impressions while washing away my sweat in the shower, and the shooting was completed successfully!