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JapanBoyz – Shower And Chill – Haru x Reach

New guy Haru starts out his hookup with veteran stud Reach by getting a warm shower. Their swelling dicks rub as they spray each other down. Reach soaps up Haru’s smooth chest and arms, takes both their dicks in hand. Reach’s warm bronze complexion and thick muscles contrast with pale thin Haru’s lanky frame as the two get hard and ready to head to the bedroom. Reach gropes Haru’s heavy package, pulls it out and gives a juicy suck. The new boy spreads his legs wide and enjoys the attention. He crouches to return the favor and takes Reach’s big tool deep into his hungry mouth.

As things heat up, they cling together in a passionate 69. Reach burrows a finger into Haru’s tight booty, gets it wet and open. Haru squats over Reach and works the stud’s dick deep into his butthole. Reach thrusts up inside and their mouths lock together in a deep kiss. Haru stretches out on all fours while Reach kneels behind to drill his ass. Haru lies back and wraps his legs around Reach’s lean waist as he pumps in faster. Haru grabs the muscleman’s nips and works him up to the edge. Reach pulls out to spray a sticky splatter across the new boy’s belly, then Haru squirts a creamy wad into his beating fist.