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JapanBoyz – Reach’s Magic Massage

Poor Kenchi! What’s a hot, handsome Asian bottom to do when his booty is ailing? His muscleboy buddy Reach has JUST the answer. “Let me massage and fuck you!” he suggests. Armed with a dildo and a big bottle of lube he goes to work, first with a pair of slick fingers “How does that feel?” and next sliding in the dildo. “You know what you’re doing!” Kenchi answers when his ass opens up to Reach’s therapy. And they’re off to the races.

Reach uses plenty of lube, eases raw into Kenchi’s hungry ass. Kenchi groans with pent-up pleasure. He climbs on and give’s Reach’s big cock a hearty ride. When Reach kneels between his hot buddy’s spread legs, he drills in deep, and FAST! Pumping in to the hilt and twice the normal speed, his magic vibrating cock gives Kenchi just what he’s been missing. Finally pulling out he squirts a splatter that reaches up to Kenchi’s lean chest. Lying next to satisfied Kenchi, he strokes his buddy’s nips and smooth abs till Kenchi explodes into a juicy load.

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