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Japanboyz – Plowing Rio – Gal x Rio

Few Japanese gay models are as vocal and fun to watch as muscular young fireplug bottom Rio. There’s NO mistaking when he’s getting cock just the way he wants it. And his horny Asian top this time is “golden boy” Gal, but now sporting a salmon pink hair color. No doubt, this hookup will be quite a sight for horned-up eyes. It’s a slow burn that builds up steadily from the opening kiss and fondle, to the nipple chewing, till Rio gets his mouth around Gal’s big tan knob. Then it kicks right into high gear and never slows down. Gal works his way down to sucking Rio and is met with Rio’s trademark happy howls of erotic excitement. This boy pants, sighs and moans like his sex life depends on it. And his cock pops right up into a stiff upcurve as he lies back and gets fingered and rimmed expertly.

Once Rio is open, throbbing and lubed slick, Gal sides in and starts thrusting. At first he’s slow and gentle, but speeds up in time with Rio’s unmistakable verbal cues. What a hungry, appreciative bottom stud! Rio’s hairy ass opens wide and devours Gal’s big hard woody, takes it like a man. Gal rolls him over and plows him from behind, lets Rio climb on to ride cock like a rodeo pro. With Rio’s thick-muscled thighs wrapped around his waist, Gal speeds up toward the big splashy climax, beating his buddy’s rock-hard dick. It’s time for both these Asian raw fuckers to mingle their juices, and Gal’s almost ready. Rio can’t hold back either. As the sperm load churns up in Gal’s tight nutsack, Rio tries in vain to catch a breath. A big creamy wad shoots into the thicc muscleboy’s furry pubes, and both hot Japanese studs collapse into a happy, sticky embrace.

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