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Japanboyz – Kazuki’s Full Body Delight – Yusaku & Kazuki

Sexy badboy Yusaku is there to give a therapeutic full body massage to Kazuki, but things go a little bit over the line of professional business right away. Yusaku confesses that if he met Kazuki in public he might fall in love with him. Their appointment immediately turns into a seXXXy erotic massage as Yusaku turns Kazuki onto his back and remarks on the size of his dick.

Kazuki’s not so innocent either, and lies there with a red rubber cockring stretched around the root of his dick. Yusaku gets his juicy mouth around it and BOING! it’s up and hard. Yusaku sweetly kisses his client and lies down beneath him. Kazuki sucks and nibbles on Yusaku’s nipples, then moves down to his pierced cock. A few long licks from Yusaku’s asshole to the tip of his prick and he’s lubing a finger, then two, to prod the masseur’s hungry hole.

Slicked and opened, Yusaku tosses his head back in erotic abandon as Kazuki eases into him. Yusaku holds his ankles wide apart and welcomes Kazuki’s deep kiss. Kazuki rolls onto his back so Yusaku can ride him at his own pace, starting slow and deep then speeding up as he grows more accustomed to the big hard pole.

Lube drips down Yusaku’s nuts as Kazuki plows into him from behind. Kazuki pants and pushes in faster as their bodies knit together. They finally lie next to each other and start beating their dicks frantically. As Yusaku nips his chest, Kazuki gets ready to blow. He sprays a load onto Yusaku’s face and drips sperm onto his lightly hairy belly. Chin drenched in cum, Yusaku spurts his sticky wad while his satisfied client sucks his nipple.