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JapanBoyz – Heroic Hiroya

Since his splashy debut on Japanboyz as the breakout topman in the Japanboyz gym orgy last year, handsome Hiroya has become the top all the boyz want to get rammed and slammed by, and the cock of the walk who’s as much fun to watch as to play with. Here we salute this chiseled, built stud with an ever ready cock and just a little bit of brash male energy. He’s the manliest man in the Japanboyz breeding pen, and the guys are glad to have him.

Watch this cummy compilation and see how quickly Hiroya can pivot from romantic loverboy to aggressive fucker. Legs fly up and part like the Red Sea when he’s around, and these scenes let you see exactly why. At the end you’ll catch some of the hottest bits of the gym orgy that started it all. Stick around Hiroya–Japanboyz needs a tough and tender manly man like you.