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JapanBoyz – Blindfold Playtime 4 Kenchi – Kenchi & Fuji

They say the blind have a heightened ability to experience their other four senses, and our intrepid Japanboyz director persuaded Kenchi to submit to this erotic experiment testing the theory. His eyes covered up and vision 100% blocked with a stretchy green blindfold, will he experience the deep sensuous sensations of man-to-man sex even more deeply, his hearing smell, and sense of touch all turned up to “11”? His partner in this xxxtraordinary endeavor is Japanboyz number one stud, the experienced and expert artist of lovemaking, Fuji. Fuji starts out feeding his big cock to thirsty Kenchi, and as he goes on, Kenchi’s deep moans of pleasure and ecstasy inspire him. There’s very little noise, almost an ASMR atmosphere of real sounds from two horny men bonding and sharing their bodies. Fuji undulates and pumps his hips with a sensual abandon. He slathers a finger with slippery lube and plumbs the depths of Kenchi’s throbbing fuckhole, and Kenchi is SO with him every step of the way.

Finally rolling on a condom over his sex-swollen mushroom head, sexual athlete Fuji eases his cock in to the root, plays Kenchi’s prostate like a concert virtuoso. Whenever the sensation gets almost TOO intense for Kenchi, the studs lighten the mood with a little easy banter and a laugh or two. But their connection is deep and focused. Kenchi can’t take much more of this sensory overload and lets his dick spray out a splatter of his approval. Fuji keeps on fucking, not content to stop as long as Kenchi’s enjoying every thrust. But all good things must come to an ends, and Fuji pulls out to splatter his sperm puddles on top of Kenchi’s. The director steps in to let Kenchi take off his blindfold and come back to everyday reality. All their senses satisfied, Fuji and Kenchi lie back and offer a happy wave to the viewers.