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CockSurfers 1 – Hans and Benvi

Hans Raw and his buds don’t couch surf when things are down. When things and hard and pointing up they surf each others’ longboard stiffies. This first episode shows how lean, mean Benvi catches Hans’ fucktool for a ride he won’t soon forget. The two studs start out on the couch, yanking each other’s shirts off like their skin is on fire. Hans, stiff as steel, pulls off Benvi’s skinny jeans and jock to get at that hungry ass.

But first Benvi wants a good mouthful. Gurgling and gagging with Han’s nuts resting on his chin, Benvi feasts on that big hard cock. “Fuuuck, ride me!” Hans pleads, and Benvi slides up to get his ass around Hans hard fucktool. His firm muscular buttbobs up and down on that bareback ass rammer. After Hans gives his ass a few smacks with his hand, Benvi groans out “Awww, that cock feels soo goood!” He pries his cheeks open further and crouches ass uip on the couch.

Hans goes in deep for the big splashy finish. With one hand grabbing Benvi’s muscle butt, he pulls out to drench Benvi’s twitching ass with a sticky glaze of pure hot manjuice.


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